See the signs

Oct 13, 2022

By Ronald Wagner, J Camp 2019 — Atlanta

Community activists Stephanie Gray, Abby Filer, and Daniel Hertlein hosted their first protest at the ICE headquarters in response to the controversial increase of raids on homes in areas suspected to have high amounts of illegal immigrants.

Activists gather to tell their story why they were protesting in front of ICE headquarters in Atlanta.
Activist Daniel Hertlein’s “favorite poster” atop his carrying case of over 20 other posters pre-protest. He is a fan of posters that encourage drivers to honk their car horns in support.
Hertlein’s explaining and arranging his assortment of protest posters leaned against the ICE agency’s fence.
Daniel Hertlein arranges his photos on the fence for pedestrians to observe.
An activist held up posters as pedestrians walked by.
A bumper sticker was placed on a column near Atlanta’s ICE agency headquarters.




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